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as a leading expert on aquascape and pond care in the United States, Okeanos sees itself as an important contributor to the field. Clients are often keen to develop their fishkeeping Okeanos Outreach skills, many unable to resist becoming ardent hobbyists after establishing their own aquascape. Okeanos has condensed many years of expertise and knowledge into an accessible curriculum which we share through seminars at schools and educational institutions throughout the country.

Okeanos sees it as a responsibility to our client base to offer one-to-one master-classes in aquarium maintenance and fish-keeping either at our New York City or in a location chosen by the client. through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on approach to teaching, Okeanos offers clients everything they need to develop and improve their bespoke aquascape in line with their own vision.

Aquarium and Pond Care Maintenance & Fishkeeping

With every aquarium we design, we work closely with you to create the aquascape of your dreams. From choosing the right type and style to which fishes will be the best fit for your lifestyle, our experts will recommend the best aquarium for you.

We also go a step further. Okeanos Group is committed to educating our clients on the key skills needed to maintain custom saltwater aquariums, Japanese Koi ponds and other unique water features we install in homes and businesses throughout New York City and the United States.

We gladly share our expertise so that fish tank owners and hobbyists develop their fish keeping skills and feel secure in their abilities to care for the fish, coral and living marine plants they choose for their aquascapes.

We've created a unique curriculum that we teach in one-on-one classes, private seminars and in schools & colleges around the U.S. Our workshops and seminars teach basic aquarium maintenance, life support and filtration and how to take care of tropical fish and plants. We also include education about taking care of ponds and plant/fish ecosystems.

With the basic fundamentals of aquarium filtration and fish care, our clients can choose to develop larger aquarium systems for their homes or offices. They may also take this knowledge to add other types of fish livestock and plants to their existing live coral reefs and freshwater tanks.

Call us to learn more about educational outreach programs at our location or to schedule a class at your home or business 212-244-9555.