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From ancient China to modern Manhattan, fishponds are the most natural domestic setting for aquatic life, a permanent centerpiece whether indoors or outdoors. More Okeanos Ponds complex than they may first appear, ponds and waterfalls require comprehensive filtration and expert construction to guarantee a self-sustaining habitat.

Okeanos Ponds Okeanos takes into account climate, water chemistry and esthetic considerations before customizing a filtration system which will ensure longevity and Efficiency. Building upon this solid foundation with state of the art materials, okeanos offers a huge range of design options from the modest to the monumental, with habitats ranging from traditional japanese koi ponds to unconventional saltwater pools teeming with stingrays, eels and sharks.

Waterfall, Water Feature & Pond Construction Designs

Water features such as Japanese Koi ponds and pondless waterfalls provide an environmental ambiance that is unmatched for homes and businesses. Our pond professionals at Okeanos Aquascaping provide design and installation of interior and exterior fish pond habitats, water features and waterfalls. These water features provide an interesting focal point for backyards, gardens, business centers and public park areas.

Japanese Koi possess long life spans so with a well-maintained habitat, their presence will provide enjoyment for visitors and clients for years to come. Koi fish do require maintenance; however, with the right system in place, their pond habitat can become self-sustaining.

Water gardens or ecosystem ponds are an alternative to the fish ponds. They allow you to explore the world of aquatic plant species including water lilies and orchids. Some home & building owners combine water gardens within their natural environment to include native and exotic plant species, natural rock, granite and more to escape to an oasis of lush plants and water even within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pondless waterfalls and wallscapes are another option for bringing water to your office space or luxury home. These energy efficient systems allow water to cascade down custom rockscapes and walls. The water may empty into a rockbed and then store in an underwater basin until recycled or pulled back into the waterfall. Some property owners combine waterfalls with indoor fountains to provide a relaxing area for clients or guests.

While Okeanos Aquascaping builds traditional pond habitats such as Japanese Koi Ponds, we also specialize in the exotic saltwater pools as well. See our gallery of traditional Japanese Koi Ponds here, and for waterfalls, click here to view our past water feature project pictures.